What we do

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Go To Market

We specialize in helping developers deliver great games to huge audiences. We support our games with the AAA PR & Marketing support they need to get and stay visible. We reengage community and press with updates and new platform releases to maximize visibility.



We work to build out an engaged and deep community for your game long after initial release. We provide community management, social media support and more.

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Post Launch

Launching a great game is the easy part. The hard part comes in analyzing your data and metrics to make sure your game is well balanced and retaining players the way it should. Yup – we got your back here as well.

Who we are

Based in Seoul, Korea, we aim to help overseas developers in expanding into the Korean mobile game market. Korean mobile gaming market is huge and there are many developers that are expanding into the Korean market. There are several options for a developer when entering the Korean market: find a local publisher or service on its own. There are advantages and disadvantages for each options in terms of revenue, cost, risk, and time. We'd like to propose a cost-effective third option to developers to maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages.  We are a brand new Mobile Game Publisher based in Korean. Toastergames stands for innovation and dedication, with which we can build anything we imagine or dream of. We are all creative and hardworking individuals with more than 13 years’ experience in the gaming industry in Asia.

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